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J. Lauritzen is one of the many Danish shipping companies operating worldwide.
J. Lauritzen is one of the many Danish shipping companies operating worldwide.

It is easy to do business with Danes and Danish companies. Many Danish companies are export oriented. Therefore company employees often have good language skills in English, German, French or Spanish. In general the Danish business society has special strongholds in different lines of business.

Denmark's business strongholds

Denmark is known for having some of the largest shipping companies in the world. Furthermore Denmark is known for focusing on cleantech solutions provided by wind mill producers and other green technology companies.

Internationally Denmark is also known for their excellent food products and pharmaceuticals. Danish consulting engineering companies are known for being some of the best bridge and tunnel builders in the world. They have experience from many large construction projects in Denmark and abroad. Within retailing you will find Danish fashion shops and Danish furniture and home article stores around the world.

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