Aasted ApS

Primary product or service
Chocolate tempering machines
Chocolate tempering machines are provided by Aasted. Aasted's chocolate tempering machines offers a high output temperature and up to 10 times longer ... Learn more
Primary CPV classification
Food-processing machinery
42000000-6 Industrial machinery
42200000-8 Machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing and associated parts
42210000-1 Food, beverage and tobacco-processing machinery
42215000-6 Machinery for the industrial preparation or manufacture of food or drink
42215200-8 Food-processing machinery
Primary trademark
Other products or services
Chocolate moulding line from Aasted.Chocolate moulding lines
Chocolate moulding lines for the chocolate industry are offered by Aasted. Aasted's fully automated chocolate moulding lines and machines are highly e... Learn more
Confectionery lines are provided by Aasted.Confectionery lines
Aasted provides confectionery lines and confectionery solutions for the confectionery industry worldwide. A confectionery line provided by Aasted can ... Learn more
Bakery tunnel oven from Aasted.Bakery tunnel ovens
Bakery tunnel ovens for industrial production are provides by Aasted. Aasted's Conny bakery tunnel ovens have accurate burners ensuring evenly baked p... Learn more
Chocolate depositors are provided by Aasted.Chocolate depositors
Chocolate depositors are essential in any chocolate production line. Aasted offers chocolate depositors for the chocolate industry. In over 90 years A... Learn more
Other CPV classifications
Other trademarks
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