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Bakery tunnel ovens

Bakery tunnel ovens for industrial production are provides by Aasted. Aasted's Conny bakery tunnel ovens have accurate burners ensuring evenly baked products. The Conny bakery tunnel ovens are available as a convection oven, gas fired oven, electric heated oven or direct fired oven.

The Conny bakery tunnel oven programme offers a great variety of possibilities for the bakery industry. The manufacturer of cakes, other bakery and confectionary products can optimize their work process by using bakery tunnel ovens, bakery extruders, bakery depositors and other specialized bakery machinery and equipment from Aasted. Contact Aasted if you are looking for a professional bakery tunnel oven or a complete bakery solution.

Bakery tunnel ovens from Aasted

Bakery tunnel ovens

Bakery tunnel oven from Aasted.

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