Danish Companies

The Danish flag Dannebrog.
The Danish flag Dannebrog.

Danish companies are known worldwide for being innovative and reliable business partners. Many Danish manufactures and producers are characterised by producing high quality niche products. Many of the most famous companies in Denmark still produce specialised products which are sold all over the world.

Many Danish companies are exporters

As Denmark is a small country many Danish firms and companies are interested in exporting their goods and services. Finding new business partners outside of Denmark is often a natural way for Danish manufactures and trading companies to expand their business.

Doing business with Denmark is easy

People dealing with Denmark will in general find that the Danish companies are professional, flexible, innovative, reliable and easy to deal with.

In Denmark most people speak English fluently and German is widely spoken. Many Danes also understand Swedish and Norwegian as these languages are related to Danish. French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian is also spoken by some. Danes with an immigration background often speak another language. Therefore communicating with Danish companies and their employees should not be a problem. In general there are no major hurdles for doing business with Denmark.

Find a Danish business partner here on ProDenmark.com

Foreign companies interesting in importing products from Denmark can find information about Danish exporters and suppliers here on ProDenmark.com. On ProDenmark.com you can also find information about Danish organisations and trade associations.

Obtain professional advice regarding Danish business

Danish organisations and trade associations can provide specialised information within their line of business. When doing business with Denmark it can often be a good idea to obtain professional advice from an organisation, association or consultant company. Companies interested in exporting their products to Denmark can often find useful information on different organisational websites.

Learn more about Danish companies and organisations

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