Top 20 Danish Companies - The 20 Largest Companies in Denmark

The headquarters of Denmark's largest company A.P. Møller - Mærsk.
The headquarters of Denmark's largest company A.P. Møller - Mærsk.

Here you will find information about the largest companies in Denmark. The top 20 of Danish Companies is based on the turnover of the companies in 2011. The top 20 companies in Denmark are:

1. A.P. Møller - Mærsk - 323 billion DKK (turnover)
2. Danske Bank - 115 billion DKK (turnover)
3. ISS - 78 billion DKK (turnover)
4  United Shipping & Trading Company - 68 billion DKK
5. Novo Nordisk - 66 billion DKK (turnover)
6. Wrist Group - 65 billion DKK (turnover)
7. Carlsberg - 64 billion DKK (turnover)
8. DONG Energy - 58 billion DKK (turnover)
9. Arla Foods - 55 billion DKK (turnover)
10. Danish Crown - 52 billion DKK (turnover)
11. DSV - 44 billion DKK (turnover)
12. Vestas Wind Systems - 43 billion DKK (turnover)
13. Nykredit - 43 billion DKK (turnover)
14. DLG - 41 billion DKK (turnover)
15. Coop Danmark - 40 billion DKK (turnover)
16. Danfoss - 34 billion DKK (turnover)
17. Nordea Bank Danmark - 31 billion DKK (turnover)
18. Skandinavisk Holding - 27 billion DKK (turnover)
19. TDC - 26 billion DKK (turnover)
20. Statoil Refining Denmark - 25 billion DKK (turnover)

A.P. Møller - Mærsk - Shipping

The A.P. Moller - Maersk Group is a conglomerate which operated in 130 countries. A.P. Møller - Mærsk is Denmark's largest company and one of the largest shipping companies in the world. The group is also active in the energy sector, logistics, retail and manufacturing industries.

Danske Bank - Banking

The Danske Bank Group provides banking services, insurance, mortgage finance, real-estate services, leasing services, brokerage, asset management and other financial services. Danske Bank is the largest financial company in Denmark and one of the largest in the Nordic region.

ISS - Cleaning Services

ISS offers facility services to more than 200,000 BtB customers in 53 different countries. Cleaning services are their main line of business, but they also offer property services, security services, catering services and other facility services for companies.

United Shipping & Trading Company - Fuel Trading

United Shipping & Trading Company specialises in purchase, sale and supply of fuel for the shipping industry. USTC's clients are mainly shipping lines and the shipping businesses around the world. USTC does also offer door-to-door logistics solutions, tanker shipping services as well as IT hosting solutions.

Novo Nordisk - Insulin

Novo Nordisk specialises in diabetes care. Insulin and insulin related products are their main products. As a global healthcare company Novo Nordisk is also involved in haemophilia care, hormone replacement therapy and growth hormone therapy.

Wrist Group - Fuel Trading

Wrist Group is one of the world's largest products and services providers for the shipping industry. Wrist Group is mainly involved in bunker trading where they deal and handle fuel for the shipping companies. However Wrist Group does also offer general ship supply and catering. They service the shipping industry worldwide.  

Carlsberg - Beer

Carlsberg beer is one of the world's best known beers. Carlsberg is sponsoring many major sports events and football teams. You will find Carlsberg beer in over 150 countries around the world. Yearly Carlsberg sells more than 120 million hectolitres of beer, which equals about 100 million bottles of beer a day.  

DONG Energy - Energy Provider

DONG Energy provides heat and power. Today 85% of DONG Energy’s heat and power is produced by fossil fuels mainly coal. However their aim is to reduce the amount of coal used and use wind power and natural gas instead. Both wind power energy and natural are more climate friendly energy sources.

Arla Foods - Dairy Products

Arla Foods is a Danish-Swedish company. Arla is a cooperative company which is own by the members, mainly dairy farmers from both Denmark and Sweden. Today Arla is the worlds 7th largest dairy company and are know worldwide for their Lurpak butter, cheeses and other dairy products.

Danish Crown - Meat

The Danish Crown Group owns food and meat companies in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the USA. Danish Crown mainly produces and markets pork and beef. Today Danish Crown is one of Europe’s leading meat exporters and they export over 90% of their meat production.

DSV - Road Transport

DSV is a global provider of transport and logistics solutions. DSV offers road transport services, air transport, sea transport and other specialised transport services. DSV has offices in 60 countries and offers transport to and from 150 countries around the world. DSV is by far the largest road transport provider in Denmark. 

Vestas Wind Systems - Wind Power Systems

Vestas in one of the world’s leading windmill producers. Vestas has raised over 41,000 wind turbines in 56 different countries. It is Vestas’ aim that efficient wind power systems will outdo other energy sources in the future. Wind power is an environmentally friendly energy source, which Vestas is a master in.

Nykredit - Mortgage Lending

Nykredit is Denmark's largest mortgage provider and the second largest mortgage lender. Nykredit is also involved in banking, insurance, pension and real estate business. This makes Nykredit one of Denmark's leading financial service providers.

DLG - Feed Compounds

DLG's main product is feed compounds for pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and horses. World wide the DLG Group has subsidiaries in 27 countries and they are Denmark’s largest exporters of feed grain, malting barley, seed grain, milling grain, feed peas and rape.

Coop Danmark - Consumer Goods Retailing

Coop Danmark is the leading consumer goods retailing company in Denmark. Coop Danmark owns the retail chains: SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen, Kvickly, Fakta and Irma. These FMCG chain stores are found all over Denmark. Coop has approximately 35,000 employees.

Danfoss - Heating Industry

Danfoss offers a broad range of heating products for industrial and home use. Danfoss is known worldwide for their radiator thermostats which provide heat comfort and energy savings in homes and building. Danfoss' focus areas are: Industry products, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, drinking water and wastewater.

Nordea Bank Danmark - Banking

Nordea is one for the leading banks in the Nordic region and is also active in Poland, Russia and the Baltic countries. Nordea has around 11 million customers and a total of 1,000 branch offices. In Denmark Nordea Bank Danmark is the second largest bank.

Skandinavisk Holding - Tobacco

Skandinavisk Holding owns 51% of Scandinavian Tobacco Group. The remaining 49% of the shares are owned by the Swedish company Swedish Match. Scandinavian Tobacco Group is the world’s second largest cigar producer and the largest producer of pipe tobacco. Some of STG's premium cigars are Café Crème, Colts and La Paz.

TDC - Telecommunications Services

TDC offers telecommunications services to the Danish people and Danish businesses. TDC is Denmark's leading communications solution provider.. In the other Nordic countries TDC is mainly targeting the business market. TDC offers telecommunication, TV, Internet, data communication, hosting solutions and related content and services.

Statoil Refining Denmark - Oil Refinery

Statoil Refining Denmark is a part of Norwegian Statoil ASA. 67% of the shares in Statoil ASA are owned by the Government of Norway. Statoil Refining Denmark owns Denmark's largest oil refinery which refines crude oil and condensate to petrol, jet fuel, fuel oil, diesel oil, heating oil and propane.

Updated: 16 April 2013

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