Danish Theatre, Ballet and Opera

The Royal Danish Theatre shows plays, ballets and operas.
The Royal Danish Theatre shows plays, ballets and operas.

Denmark has a proud theatre, ballet and opera tradition. Danish actors, ballet dancers, opera singers, musicians and other skilful artists fill theatres and play houses around Denmark.

The Royal Danish Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre is the national stage for theatre, plays, ballet, opera and classical music. The Royal Danish Theatre offer tickets to large theatre, ballet, opera and music events in their impressive and beautiful buildings in Copenhagen. The Royal Danish Theatre have 3 impressive buildings The Old Stage, The Playhouse and The Opera.

Theatre plays and musicals 

In Danish theatres many interesting plays are performed. Both popular Danish and international plays are shown. Often international plays are translated to Danish in order have a broader public attraction. 

Plays are preformed at the stages of the Royal Danish Theatre as well as on many other stages in larger and smaller cities around Denmark. Many smaller theatres often choose to perform broadly popular plays, musicals and comedy shows   

Ballet in Denmark

Ballet is mainly played at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. Here you will also find the members of the Royal Danish Ballet working. 

The Royal Theatre also houses The Ballet School. At The Ballet School the future generation of ballet dancers are trained by professionals. The Ballet School at the Royal Danish Theatre enjoys huge international recognition.

August Bournonville is viewed as the most renowned person within Danish ballet. In 1830 August Bournonville was appointed Ballet Master at the Royal Danish Theatre. Here he created ballets like La Sylphide, The Kermesse in Bruges and A Folk Tale. 

Opera in Denmark

With the opening of a new opera house in Copenhagen in 2005 opera has become more popular in Denmark. The Opera house attracts some of the worlds largest opera stars. At The Opera major concerts and operas are preformed the year round. In Aarhus you will also find opera being performed by The Jutland Opera.

Some of the best known Danish opera soloist and opera singers include the sopranos Inger Dam-Jensen, the mezzo-soprano Elisabeth Halling, the tenor Niels Jørgen Riis, bass-baritone Johan Reuter and bass-baritone Sten Byriel.

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