Danish Cleantech Industry

Offshore wind farm outside Copenhagen harbour.
Offshore wind farm outside Copenhagen harbour.

Danish cleantech industry is known worldwide for windmills, wind turbines, water treatment and other high-tech cleantech and energy efficient solutions.

Green energy technology

Denmark has in the recent decades become a centre for green energy companies. Many innovative cleantech companies and institutions have helped Denmark in becoming one the world's leading nations within green and sustainable energy technology.

Windmills and wind turbines

Around Denmark you will find windmills in the open landscape as well as out on the open sea. Denmark has become a leading nation within the windmill industry. Vestas is Denmark's largest wind mill producer and they export their windmills and wind turbines to all parts of the world.

Wind mill sub-contractors and windmill maintenance

The reason why Vestas and other windmill producers have chosen to be situated in Denmark is that you can find many excellent windmill sub-contractors in Denmark. You can also find Danish windmill maintenance companies like Hove A/S. Hove is a smaller company specialising in developing grease systems for the maintenance of windmills.

Water energy

Grontmij is consultancy company specialising in developing water energy solutions. Water energy production is considered to be prosperous renewable energy source for the future. 

Solar energy

Solar energy is not as common used in Denmark as wind energy sources are. However Danfoss, Danish Solar Energy and other Danish companies and public institutions seek to develop solar energy solution for the future. Today you can already buy and use photovoltaic solutions for your home in order to create solar energy for personal use.

Recycling of waste

A major industry has been developed from recycling of waste. Both industry waste and household waste is increasingly being recycled in Denmark. Private companies as well as public recycling companies are exploiting the possibilities of transforming waste into raw materials which can be resold to industry companies.

Reducing CO2 emissions

In Denmark companies are increasingly seeking to reduce their CO2 emissions. Especially companies within the energy, transport and heavy industry sectors are focused on reducing their CO2 emissions. The investment they make will in the long run help the companies in reducing their costs and in general it helps the environment.

Green government policies

Different Danish governments have all strongly focused on helping environmentally friendly industry in Denmark. Projects within the cleantech industry have been supported and the tax system has even been transformed in order to promote green solutions.

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