Danish Food and Beverages

Fresh fish meal. Food and beverages in a restaurant in Skagen, Denmark.
Fresh fish meal. Food and beverages in a restaurant in Skagen, Denmark.

Denmark has traditionally been and still is a major food producing country. Danish dairy products, meat, fish, seafood, beverages, bakery products, cereals, breakfast products, sweets, confectionery, biscuits, cakes, snacks and ice cream are exported around the world. Danish food products are increasingly been produced organically.

Dairy products

Dairy products are products based on milk and egg e.g. milk powder, butter, yoghurt, cheeses and ice cream. Within all of these dairy food products Denmark has a stronghold internationally. Arla Foods is the single largest dairy producer in Denmark, but you can find many other Danish dairy companies.

Meat and meat products

Denmark exports a vast amount of different meat products. Danish pork, beef, poultry and veal meet can be found in many consumer goods stores and supermarkets around the world. Danish bacon is very well known in the English speaking part of the world. Danish Crown is the largest meat producer in Denmark.

Fish and seafood

With a coastal line of over 7,200 km Denmark is surrounded by the sea. Naturally fishing and trading with fish and seafood plays an important part in the Danish society. Fish and seafood from Denmark is sold all over Europe and even as far away from Denmark as Japan.

Among other fish products Denmark exports fresh fish, frozen fish, frozen seafood, canned seafood, cod, salmon, kippers, herrings, mackerel, shellfish, shrimps and tuna.

Beverages, beer and soft drinks

Carlsberg is the best known Danish beer company in the world. Carlsberg Group sells beer and soft drinks under the Carlsberg and Tuborg brands. However Carlsberg does also sell other both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages like cider and energy drinks. 

Another large beverage exporter is Royal Unibrew which sells Royal Beer, Faxe, Ceres and Albani beers as well as different soft drinks. 

Furthermore you will find a lot of other beverages companies e.g. producing fruit juice or soft drinks.

Bakery products, cereals and other breakfast products

Danish pasty and other bakery products are internationally renowned. For decades cereals have been a part of the Danes breakfast tradition. Today different healthy cereals grain and oat products are produced and exported. Jams and honey are other breakfast products being exported.

Chocolate, sweets, confectionary products, cookies, biscuits and cakes

Chocolate products produced in Denmark are often internationally marketed as high-class and expensive. Danish chocolate products are therefore often used as gift articles.

Other sweets exports include candy, chocolate bars, caramel products, the Danish speciality liquorice as well as confectionary products like marzipan.

Danish butter cookies and Danish biscuits are baked on the basic of traditional Danish bakery methods. Today Danish cookies and biscuits are exported worldwide. Different kinds of cakes are also produced by Danish manufactures and sold in consumer stores and supermarkets in Europe and other parts of the world.

Organic food producers

In the last decades smaller Danish companies have specialised in producing high-quality organic food products. Over the years the Danish export of organic food has increased. You can find producers of organic milk, milk products, organically grown vegetables and fruit, organic meat and meat products, organic beverages and even organic beer and ice cream. More and more products in Denmark are produced organically and are awarded the official Ø-label for organic production.

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  • Odense Marcipan
  • Royal Unibrew
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