Danish Healthcare Products

The new Widex CLEAR440 C4-FS (FUSION) wireless hearing aid.
The new Widex CLEAR440 C4-FS (FUSION) wireless hearing aid.

Many professional healthcare products are development and produced in Denmark. A large number of high-tech companies have specialised in producing healthcare products which can e.g. diagnose for diseases or help people to a better life. 

Hearing aids

Some of the worlds largest hearings aids manufactures have their headquarters in Denmark. Companies like GN ReSound, Oction and Widex are all based in Denmark. The new high-tech hearing aids can often significantly improve the quality of life for people with hearing problems.

Walking aids, rollators and wheelchairs

In Denmark you will find professional produces of walking aids, rollators and wheelchairs. Different walking aids and wheelchairs are developed for both disabled, elderly as well as for children.

Hospital equipment

Danish hospital equipment suppliers provide e.g. hospital beds, mattresses, person lifts, specialised bath tubs and bathing equipment for hospitals.

Biomedical engineering

Innovative biomedical engineering companies in Denmark constantly develop new health care products. 

Diagnostics and measuring equipment 

You can find Danish suppliers of ultrasound systems and transducers for different diagnoses and surgery proposes. Different medical measuring equipment and instrument are also used to diagnose for diseases.

Stoma care

You will find specialises Danish companies like Coloplast and Dansac which produce stoma pouches and other stoma care products.

Wound healing

Danish health care companies do also offer different wound healing treatments. You will also find different wound healing and bandage products from Denmark.

  • BK Medical
  • Coloplast
  • Dansac
  • Innovision
  • Faaborg Rehab Technic
  • GN Otometric
  • GN ReSound
  • Medicologic
  • Meyland-Smith
  • Oticon
  • Radiometer Medical
  • Widex
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