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Pharmaceutical research and development at Bavarian Nordic in Kvistgård, Denmark.
Pharmaceutical research and development at Bavarian Nordic in Kvistgård, Denmark.

Danish pharmaceutical industry is known worldwide for providing quality drugs, medicine, medicinal products and medication.

R&D of pharmaceuticals

Large sums of money are put into research and development of pharmaceuticals and drugs in Denmark. Therefore the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark has also developed some excellence products which are exported all over the world.

Pharmaceutical cluster in Denmark

In and around Copenhagen you will find a cluster of large pharmaceutical companies. Both Danish and foreign pharmaceutical companies have chosen to set up research and development facilities in the Copenhagen area. The primary reason why Copenhagen is chosen is because it is easy to find skilful personnel with experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Educations and training 

Another reason why Copenhagen has become and international cluster of pharmaceuticals is due to the fact that Denmark educates and trains a lot of professional researchers, doctors, biological engineers, laboratory technicians and other experts which can work within the pharmaceutical industry.

Approval of medicine and pharmaceutical drugs

Research and development of medicine and pharmaceuticals is one thing. However an even more lengthy process is to get an official approval of a drug. The process of getting a drug approved takes years and often includes massive laboratory tests and experiments. In the final stages the pharmaceutical has to be tested on humans and the result of the test has to be significantly in other for the product to be approved for sales.

Sometimes even large pharmaceutical research and development projects are not approved and the money invested in the process is lost. This makes the pharmaceutical business very investment heavy and risky. However on the other hand large profits can be made if a new medicine is developed and approved.

Insulin for diabetes care

Novo Nordisk is the largest pharmaceutical company in Denmark. They have specialised in producing insulin and other products for persons suffering from diabetes. Novo Nordisk's diabetes care products are sold worldwide helping people with diabetes to a better life.

Cancer research

Many Danish companies and public research institutions research in cancer. Often new drugs for treatment of cancer or methods of finding cancer at an earlier stage are developed. This often helps people with cancer to a longer life.

Treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other diseases 

Another of Denmark's large pharmaceutical companies H. Lundbeck is active in producing medication for Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, psychotic illnesses and insomnia.


Danish companies are also active in developing vaccines for the treatment and prevention of life-threatening diseases.

Skin infections

Danish pharmaceutical companies do also offer different treatments for people with skin infections, psoriasis and eczema. 

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