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Designer bed from LLLP made of birch plywood with lacquer and black stain. LLLP is one of Denmark's many furniture design companies.
Designer bed from LLLP made of birch plywood with lacquer and black stain. LLLP is one of Denmark's many furniture design companies.

Danish furniture design is known worldwide. Functional, minimalistic and modern furniture designed in Denmark is sold by furniture chains around the world. Some Danish furniture, kitchen and lamp producers also sell their products in company stores in Europe and North America.

Danish furniture, kitchen, bathroom and lamp design

Danish design is renowned for being innovative and creative. Modern furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and lamps designed by Danish companies are admired by people around the world. Denmark has a long tradition of rethinking the design of chairs, tables, sofas, beds, lamps, shelves, dressers, closets, bookshelves, drawers, desks and other home and office furniture.

Danish designers are good at combining stylish and simple design of furniture with everyday practicality. In general Danish furniture companies seek too design furniture which brings harmony and style to dinning rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, halls, children's rooms, offices, gardens and other rooms. Danish lighting companies are also know for producing stylish designer lamps for homes and offices.

Danish furniture producers 

In Denmark you will find both large and small furniture producers. You can find producers of expensive designer furniture as well as furniture companies offering their products at a lower price. Most Danish furniture companies have a design department and marketing department in Denmark. However the actual production of the furniture can be either in Denmark or abroad.

Furniture is a major Danish export commodity. Therefore you will find that many Danish funiture companies export their products. The Danish furniture companies sell their products though furniture chains, major furniture warehouses and exclusive furniture shops around the world.

The choice of retail outlet often depends on the quality and price of the furniture. Most Danish funiture companies seek to find agents around the world by marketing themselves on the internet as well as attending furniture fairs around the world.

Danish kitchen producers

Danish kitchen producers have specialised in producing high-quality kitchen elements. Furthermore Danish kitchen designers are known for focusing on functionally, details, stylish design and on creating kitchens which fits modern living.

You will find many Danish kitchen companies exporting their goods. The largest Danish kitchen companies operate their own kitchen shops in different countries. Some kitchen companies focus on selling their products in Scandinavia. Others look for new kitchen customers in countries far from Denmark.

Danish lamps

Designing and producing lamps has been a Danish speciality for decades. You will find Danish lamp producers with a long and proud tradition as well as other innovative lamp producers focusing on design. You can find both very expensive designer lamps as well as less expensive lamps designed by Danish companies.

In Denmark lamps are sold in furniture stores, DIY's and specialised lighting shops. The largest retail light chain is Lysmesteren with shops all around Denmark.

The largest furniture chains in Denmark

The largest furniture chains in Denmark are either owned by Danish companies or the chain consists of independent furniture stores. However you will also find some furniture chain owner by foreign companies e.g. the Swedish owned IKEA..

The size and turnover of the furniture stores in Denmark is difficult to estimate. Therefore the list of the largest furniture chains in Denmark only take into account the number of stores each chain has. The furniture chains in Denmark with the largest number of stores are: 

  • 96 JYSK stores - A Danish retail chain focusing on discount furniture and home articles. JYSK has many stores outside of Denmark as well
  • 48 Møbelkæden stores - A chain of independent Danish furniture stores
  • 38 Biva stores - A discount furniture chain
  • 37 IDEmøbler stores - A middle prices furniture chain
  • 32 Danbo stores - A branding  and sales co-operation of independent furniture stores
  • 10 BoConcept stores and 1 BoConcept shop - A chain selling exclusive design furniture in Denmark and abroad
  • 7 Bolia stores - A chain selling middle priced furniture in Denmark and abroad
  • 6 Daells Bolighus stores - A chain of large furniture discount stores
  • 5 IKEA stores - A world known Swedish chain of furniture mega-stores
  • 4 ILVA stores - A chain store with middle priced furniture
  • 2 Paustian stores - A chain which offers exclusive furniture. Paustian also operates furniture stores in Oslo, Norway and Shanghai, China

JYSK, Bolia International and JYSK Holding

With a total of 96 stores JYSK is Denmark's largest retail chain selling furniture and home articles. However since 1984 JYSK also has furniture and home article stores outside of Denmark.

Today JYSK is a major international retail chain operating over 1,750 stores in 34 different countries. The stores are located all around Europe and even in Canada, Kazakhstan and China. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain the stores owned by JYSK are called Dänisches Bettenlager. In Germany and Austria JYSK also owns Bettenwelt.

The JYSK retail stores have specialised in selling all articles for the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room. JYSK sells both furniture, home articles and decorative products for homes. In short JYSK sells products for sleeping & living which also is their motto.

JYSK focuses on offering good value products. You can characterise JYSK as being a discount furniture chain, but you will still find good quality home furniture, garden furniture, mattresses, pillows, duvets, towels, home textiles, Christmas accessories and other seasonal goods.

JYSK is owned by JYSK Holding which also is the owner of the furniture chain and internet shop Bolia. Bolia International has a franchise operation with 7 furniture stores in Denmark, 6 stores in Sweden, 9 stores in Norway and 3 stores in Germany. Bolia offers high quality Scandinavian design furniture at reasonable prices. Bolia has a unique franchise concept where their internet store plays a major part in their furniture sales.

JYSK Holding is also a joint owner of Interior Direct which offers turn key decor solutions for hotels.


BoConcept operates a global furniture retail chain with more than 240 franchise-based BoConcept brand stores and 100 BoConcept studios. BoConcept's retail stores and studios can be found in 50 different countries. All BoConcept brand stores are situated at high traffic locations and the BoConcept studios can be found inside other furniture stores.

BoConcept offers design furniture and lifestyle products for private homes. In the BoConcept stores you will find trendsetting furniture and lifestyle furniture at reasonable prices.

The furniture sold by BoConcept can be customised in order to match the needs and dreams of the individual customer. Customers can e.g. choose different colours, materials, sizes and otherwise be customised to match the interior design wishes of each customer.

For professionals BoConcept offers an attractive franchise model which focuses on design furniture, branding, store management, a unique sales model and effective supply chain management.

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  • JYSK
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  • Invita
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  • Louis Poulsen Lighting
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