Danish Consultancy Services

Danish consultancy companies are offering accounting services and many other consultancy services.
Danish consultancy companies are offering accounting services and many other consultancy services.

Danish consultancy companies offer different consulting services e.g. business consulting services, financial services and construction consulting services. The majority of the large Danish consultancy companies operate internationally. You will also find many other specialised consultancy companies offering their services across the Danish borders.

Business consulting

Management consultants and other business consultant companies often offer customised reports for companies in order to give a new and different view of their business. Business consultants often conduct in-depth analysis of the companies in order to give the management new knowledge about the company and its opportunities in the market place. Other types of business consultancies offers general knowledge based information to company leaders and employees in order to make them work more dynamically.

Financial advisory services

Financial advisory services include audit and accounting services, tax advisory, corporate finance and risk management. The large accounting companies offer a broad range of financial services across borders. 

Legal advice

Danish law firms and lawyers offer legal advice regarding Danish legislation. Law firms offering their services to companies operating in Denmark are typically experts in business law, tax law and property management laws.

Consulting engineers

Danish consulting engineers are involved in infrastructure projects within road planning, airport expansions, planning of public transport systems as well as many other infrastructure projects.

Danish consulting engineers are also involved in other construction projects around the world. Danish engineers specialise in cleantech industry consultancy e.g. regarding construction and operations of wind mill farms and wastewater treatment plants.

Project management

Different consultancy companies offer project management services. Project management can e.g. be connected to engineering projects or the implementation new production systems.

Business sector analysis

Specialised consultants companies offer general business sector analysis. The reports these consultants offer can often help company managers and other key employees to obtain new knowledge about their market or competitors.

Consultancy offered by business organisations

In Denmark business organisations and specialised trade associations offer different consultancy services for their members. Business reports, lectures, courses, business meetings and personal counselling are just some of the business services Danish trade associations offer.

  • COWI
  • Beierholm
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • Grontmij
  • Homann
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • Ramboll Group
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