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The Øresund bridge and tunnel connecting Denmark and Sweden. The construction of the connection is one of the greatest Danish and Swedish engineering achievements in recent times.
The Øresund bridge and tunnel connecting Denmark and Sweden. The construction of the connection is one of the greatest Danish and Swedish engineering achievements in recent times.

Many of the large Danish construction companies operate globally. They are able to take on construction, building work, civil engineering and architectural tasks anywhere in the world. Many other larger and midsize Danish construction companies also operate internationally.

Internationalisation of the construction business

The level of internationalisation in the Danish construction business is different from company to company. The majority of Danish artisan businesses and craftsmen focus on working locally. Some construction companies, architects and specialised craftsman companies have chosen to operate in neighbouring countries. Some of the largest or most specialised companies in the Danish construction business export their services to other European countries or even all around the world.

Engineering roads, railways, metros, tunnels and bridges

Danish consulting engineers are experts in infrastructural engineering like building new motorways, roads, cycle pats, harbour constructions, railway lines, underground metro lines, tunnels and bridges. Conducting both large and smaller infrastructural construction projects makes the Danish consulting engineers able to take on any infrastructural task. 

The Storebælt and the Øresund bridge and tunnel connections

Denmark is a country with over 400 islands and no matter where you are in Denmark you will always be close to the water. Due to the geography engineers in Denmark have for centuries developed expertise in bridge building.

In 1998 a 18 km tunnel and bridge connection over the Storebælt strait was opened. This major engineering and construction project has connected the islands of Zealand and Funen by rail and motorway. The construction work lasted 10 years. In 2010 more than 10 million vehicles used the Storebælt connection.

Another major tunnel and bridge project was completed in 2000. The 16 km long Øresund link connects Denmark and Sweden by rail and motorway. The Øresund tunnel and bridge is also a direct connection between Denmark's capital and largest cite Copenhagen and Malmö on the Swedish side. Malmö is the 3rd largest city in Sweden. The construction work included the construction of an artificial island and construction of the world's longest cable-stayed bridge for both road and railway.

Danish architects

World-class Danish architects and architectural companies have created fabulous and beautiful constructions both in Denmark and outside of Denmark. The Sydney Opera House is designed by the famous architect Jørn Utzon. In Paris you will be able to see the Grande Arche de la Défense designed by Johan Otto Von Spreckelsen.

The Opera House in Copenhagen is a new landmark for Copenhagen. The Opera was designed by Henning Larsen Architects. You find many other skilful and architectural companies in Denmark working both nationally and internationally. 

Building construction and renovation

Danish building and construction companies are able to construct houses, apartment blocks, other residential constructions, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, warehouses, production facilities and many other buildings.

Many construction companies do also restore or renovate buildings. However you will also find specialised building renovation companies restoring both new and old buildings. Some companies specialise in concrete refurbishment while others specialise in restoring and renovating historic buildings.

Landscape design

Specialised Danish landscape design and construction companies offer innovative landscape design and construction services. Many landscape companies specialise in offering rehabilitation and urban renewal projects  

Construction work for the industry

You will find companies offering construction work within different industries. Internationally Danish companies are especially known for construction of water treatment plants, construction of piping systems and the constructing of heat and power stations.

Artisan businesses and craftsmen

The majority of companies within the artisan business have chosen to focus on local operations. However some of Denmark's most specialised and most skilful craftsmen work internationally.

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