Danish IT and Telecommunications

In Denmark mobile telecommunications services and IT services are offered by TDC and many other companies.
In Denmark mobile telecommunications services and IT services are offered by TDC and many other companies.

Danish IT and telecommunications companies offer development of IT solutions, website solutions, software development, IT security, IT support, internet access, mobile communications services and other IT and telecommunications services.

New innovative IT companies  

Many new Danish IT companies are creating innovative IT solutions. Innovative solutions have e.g. been developed for the banking sector and transport sector. However IT solutions are developed for many other lines of business as well. Increasingly the Danish IT industry is seeking to export their solutions to other markets.

Games, software and website solutions

Danish programming companies are creating innovative international websites and computer programs, software solutions and games. A lot of small and midsize Danish IT companies are developing unique programs or games. Software and games are exported around the world via the internet and mobile phones. Some IT companies are seeking to develop unique solutions which will make them able to be sold to Danish or foreign investors.

IT support and security

Specialised companies offer international IT support and IT security solutions. The importance and dependency of functional IT systems are rising across the world. This makes it a new and lucrative business to offer online and phone IT support for business customers. IT security systems are also increasingly being developed to secure companies against hackers and viruses.

Graphic design for IT solutions

Graphics companies are increasingly becoming suppliers for IT and Internet solutions. Web design has become an industry where both large and small graphics companies can compete. More graphics companies are becoming internationally oriented either by opening offices in other countries or by exporting their graphical services.

Apps and mobile sites for smartphones and tablets

Increasingly Danish IT companies develop specialised apps and mobile sites for smartphones and tablets. The smartphone app industry has risen very fast. In the same pace as the number of iPhones and Android-based mobile phones has exploded in Denmark the number of apps and mobile sites has followed. The Danish IT companies are in forefront regarding the development of apps and mobile internet sites for iPhones, Android phones, other smartphones as well as for iPads and other tablets.

Telecommunications companies operate internationally

TDC is the single largest telecommunications companies in Denmark. From operating only in Denmark TDC is now also to be found in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. Many other telecommunications companies operating in Denmark are also operating in other countries.

Mobile telecommunications companies

Mobile phone companies operating in Denmark are competing hard for the customers. An effect of the hard competition is that mobile telecommunications is relatively cheap in Denmark. The hard competition also makes the Danish mobile telecommunications companies able and ready to compete to win customers in other countries, mainly in other European countries.

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