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DR-Byen housing the Danish broadcasting company DR and the DR concert hall.
DR-Byen housing the Danish broadcasting company DR and the DR concert hall.

Danish media companies offer news coverage, entertainment and information services. You will find Danish media companies involved with TV and radio broadcasting, newspaper publishing, internet, mobile media, magazine publishing, book publishing and other specialised media coverage.

TV corporations in Denmark

DR and TV 2 are by far the 2 largest TV corporations in Denmark. DR (Danmarks Radio) is Denmark's first TV broadcasting company. DR is an independent, licence financed public TV corporation. TV 2 is the first commercial national TV corporation. TV 2 is partly licence financed and partly financed by commercials.

Viasat and SBS TV do also offer commercial TV Channels in Danish. Viasat is owned by Modern Times Group MTG AB in Sweden. SBS TV in Denmark is a part of the Dutch SBS Broadcasting group. dk4 is a small Danish TV channel provider mainly providing programs regarding Denmark.

The broadcasting companies operating in Denmark each offer different national TV channels in Danish:

  • DR offers DR 1, DR 2, DR 3, DR Ramasjang, DR K and DR Ultra
  • TV 2 offers TV2, TV2 Zulu, TV2 Charlie, TV2 News and soon TV2 Fri
  • Viasat offers TV3, TV3+, TV3 Puls, TV3 Sport 1,  TV3 Sport 2, Viasat Golf and others
  • SBS TV offers Kanal 4, Kanal 5, 6'eren and 7'eren
  • dk4 offers dk4
  • Swedish C More Entertainment offers CANAL 8 Sport and CANAL9

In Denmark you will also find different local TV stations as well as pay-tv channels. According to official surveys by TNS Gallup TV2 is the most seen TV channel in Denmark. DR 1 is no. 2 and TV3 is no. 3.

Danish radio stations

DR has since provided the Danes with radio broadcasting since 1925. Today many other radio broadcasting companies are active in Denmark. Especially music radio and local radio stations are popular in Denmark.

Young people in Denmark are increasingly listening to radio. People listen to tradition radio channels as well as DAB radio stations and internet radio stations.

According official surveys by TNS Gallup the list of the 5 most listen to radio stations in Denmark are: P4 and P3, NOVA fm, The Voice and P1. DR is by far the radio broadcasting company with the most listeners on their stations P1, P2, P3, P4 and different specialised net and DAB radio stations. SBS Radio is the second largest radio broadcasting company in Denmark. SBS Radio primarily offers commercial music radio on NOVA fm, The Voice and Pop fm. 

Internet media in Denmark

The most used websites in Denmark are owned either by multinational corporations or media houses. However also the major Danish TV corporations and newspapers have popular net services. Furthermore specialised services like the weather services provides by DMI or the public travel planner service provided by Rejseplanen are also very popular in Denmark.

In Denmark Internet media is the most used advertisement platform. Advertising on search engine sites, directory websites. TV corporation sites, news sites or on specialised websites has become a natural part of the Danish companies marketing plans. In general Danish companies do also use their own website to promote their company and their products. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often used as an effective and inexpensive way for the companies to attract visitors and possible customers to their website.

Some innovative Danish companies have succeeded by totally basing their business on the internet media. Companies providing online services which are based on subscription or direct payment are increasingly successfully. Services provided by Infomedia, Freeway, Gavekortet.dk and e-conomic are good examples of this new and prosperous business. You will also and increasing number of Danish companies seeking to sell their products through a webshop.

According official surveys by FDIM the list of the 5 most visited websites in Denmark in January 2013 are: dr.dk, krak.dk, tv2.dk, ekstrabladet.dk and dba.dk. However according to unofficial reports google.dk is by far the most visited site in Denmark and sites like Facebook and YouTube are also very popular and frequently visited by the Danes. These sites are not included in the FDIM monthly report.

Mobile phone media in Denmark

Mobile phone media is a new and exciting media platform. Danish media companies, major commercial companies as well as specialised mobile phone media companies are increasingly seeking to exploit the mobile phone media market with new applications for iPhones, Android phone or just by providing their website in a format which suited for the use on mobile phones.

Danish newspapers

JP/Politiken and Berlingske Media are the dominant newspaper companies in Denmark. The 2 major news companies offer different types of daily newspapers, free tabloids, news magazines, regional and local newspapers for the Danes. JP/Politiken is a Danish company and Berlingske Media is owned by the British Mecon Group.

metroXpress Danmark is also a major newspaper publisher in Denmark. They specialise in publication and distribution of free tabloid newspapers, metroXpress Danmark publish metroXpress and 24timer which are the two newspapers with the largest circulations numbers. metroXpress Danmark is 51% owned by Swedish Metro International, 24.5% owned by JP/Politiken and 24.5% owned by A-Pressen.

The largest daily business newspaper in Denmark is Børsen. Online Børsen is available in English. Erhvervsbladet owned by Berlingske Media is also a major business newspaper. The Copenhagen Post is a newspaper providing news about Denmark in English.

Among the larger independent daily Danish newspapers you will find Kristeligt Dagblad and Dagbladet Information. Among the major regional and local newspapers you will find Søndagsavisen and the local news media provider Nordjyske Medier. You will also find a lot of other larger and smaller newspaper companies in Denmark.

The latest survey by Danish Newspaper Publishers' Association shows that the 10 largest Danish newspaper according to circulation numbers are:

  • metroXpress a free tabloid newspaper published by metroXpress Danmark
  • 24timer a free tabloid newspaper published by metroXpress Danmark 
  • Urban a free tabloid newspaper published by Berlingske Media
  • Morgensavisen Jyllands-Posten is a daily newspaper published by JP/Politiken
  • Politiken is a daily newspaper published by JP/Politiken
  • Berlingske Tidende is a daily newspaper published by Berlingske Media
  • Ekstra Bladet is a daily newspaper published by JP/Politiken
  • Børsen is a daily business newspaper published by Dagbladet Børsen
  • B.T. is a daily newspaper published by Berlingske Media
  • JydskeVestkysten is regional newspaper published by Berlingske Media

News agencies in Denmark

Ritzaus Bureau is a news agency collectively owned by Danish newspaper companies and DR. Ritzaus offers general news watch services as well as business watch services. Newspaq is another Danish news agency offering all sorts of news from Denmark as well as international news. Thomson Reuters the world's largest news agency is also active in Denmark. Reuters cover the latest news from around the world within business, politics, entertainment and more.

Danish magazine and weekly publishers

The Danish companies Aller Media and Egmont are some of the largest publishers of weeklies and magazines in the Nordic countries. Aller Media is the leading publisher of weeklies in the Nordic countries. Egmont focuses on publication of comics and magazines, but they are also active in movie making. Internationally Egmont publishes Disney comics in over 30 countries. In Denmark Egmont mainly competes with the Swedish owned Bonnier Publications on the market for magazines. However you will find many other Danish publishing companies offering specialised magazines for the Danes.

Danish publishing houses

Book publishing houses like Gyldendal, Gads Forlag and Politikens Forlag publish all kinds of books. The Danish publishing houses publish and sell biographies, dramas, crime fiction, dictionaries, textbooks, cookbooks, travel books and many other book types. Small specialised publishing houses offer specialised books and booklets. Copenhagen Tourist e.g. publishes tourist guides in English for Copenhagen visitors.

Outdoor media in Denmark

Outdoor media advertisement has traditionally not played a major role in the total media picture in Denmark. However with the technological development new opportunities have been developed e.g. you are now able to watch TV spots or onscreen advertisements in commuter trains and busses in Denmark.

Media production companies in Denmark

The large Danish media production companies mainly offer their services for TV corporations. However new smaller innovative media production companies can offer to produce customized media solutions like web videos of companies.

  • Aller Media
  • Berlingske Media
  • Bonnier Publications
  • Copenhagen Tourist
  • Dagbladet Børsen
  • DR
  • e-conomic danmark
  • Freeway
  • Gads Forlag
  • Gavekortet.dk
  • Gyldendal
  • Infomedia
  • JP-Politiken
  • Nordjyske Medier
  • Seomondo
  • Søndagsavisen
  • SBS TV
  • TV2
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