Events in Denmark

Exhibition stand at a Danish trade fair.
Exhibition stand at a Danish trade fair.

If you are looking for business events, cultural events or sports events in Denmark you will find the most important ones here.

Events markets Denmark

Attracting major events to Denmark helps market Denmark internationally. No matter if a country is the host of a major business conference, political summit, a popular art exhibition or a large sport event this helps market the country internationally. Major events create international awareness for a country and a specific city.

Major business, culture and sports events in Denmark help in obtaining international media coverage for Denmark in other countries. Hereby events help in promoting and marketing Denmark internationally.

Attracting business travel and tourism

Trade fairs and business conferences attract visitors from abroad. Due to the low flight prices concerts and sports events do also attract visitors from other countries.

A lot of exiting events in Denmark in 2014

By using the links on the right-hand side you will find many interesting and exiting events taking place in Denmark in 2014.

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