Cultural Events in Denmark in 2014

Arken Museum of Modern Art offers many interesting art exhibitions and other cultural events.
Arken Museum of Modern Art offers many interesting art exhibitions and other cultural events.

Denmark is a country with a long and proud cultural heritage. In Denmark you can enjoy the work of many great Danish artists. Many of the world's greatest artists also choose to come to Denmark to play a concert or to exhibit their art work.

Cultural events held in grand architectural buildings

Some of the finest buildings in Denmark are theatres, opera houses, museums, stadiums, art galleries, churches, town halls and castles. Here you will find many cultural events taking place.

In Copenhagen you will find the old stage of Royal Theatre situated in a beautiful historic building from 1874. The National Museum in Copenhagen is situated in a old historic building combined with a new section in modern architectural design. On the harbour front in Copenhagen you will find both a new grand Opera and the Royal Danish Playhouse both new architectural master pieces.

In Aarhus you will find ARoS a beautiful modern building housing an art museum. All around Denmark you will find grand old castles, churches and town halls as well as new building housing cultural events.   

Major cultural events in Denmark in 2014

Here you will find a list of the most interesting and largest concerts, art exhibitions, museum exhibitions, movie events, film festivals, music festivals, musicals, ballets, operas, plays, theatre events and other cultural events taking place in Denmark in 2014: 

Please follow the links on the right-hand side in order to find more information about the listed cultural events, other cultural events, tickets for the events and how to get to museums and arenas.

  • 1000Fryd
  • Arken - Museum of Modern Art
  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
  • Billetnet
  • Billetten
  • Brandts
  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival
  • DR
  • Forum Horsens
  • Horsens Ny Teater
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
  • Parken Sport and Entertainment
  • Roskilde Festivalen
  • Sculpture by the Sea
  • The Opera
  • The National Museum of Denmark
  • The Royal Playhouse
  • The Royal Theater
  • Voxhall
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