Denmark Wins Eurovision Song Contest


By:Henrik Kurzawa

Emmelie de Forest has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 for Denmark. Emmelie de Forest's "Only Teardrops" won a convincing victory with a total of 281 points.

Denmark's third ever victory

Emmelie de Forest secured Denmark their third ever victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. Emmelie is just 20 years and has been dreaming of winning this competition ever since she was 7. Here she saw The Olsen Brothers win for Denmark in 2000. On 18 May 2013 Emmelie de Forest's dream of winning the Eurovision Song Contest came true with a convincing performance of the song "Only Teardrops".  

Massive Danish support for "Only Teardrops"

The 58th anual Eurovision Song Contest was held in Malmö, Sweden just 35 km from the Danish capital Copenhagen. Therefore many Danish Eurovision fans where present in Malmö Arena both for Denmark's semifinal and the final. The support for the Danish song was massive when "Only Teardrops" was performed live in the arena.

Denmark celebrates Emmelie de Forest's victory

The day after Emmelie de Forest's victory she was greeted by many thousand Danish fans in Copenhagen. She was transported in an open bus around the city and was greeted by a massive crowd in Tivoli Gardens. Here she performed her winning song "Only Teardrops" once again.

100 million watched the Eurovision

It is estimated that the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was watched by 100 million people worldwide. This makes it one of most watched non-sport events in the world. The amazing Eurovision show is broadcast across Europe and even in South American and Australia.

Result of Eurovision 2013

Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Norway and Russia where Denmark's closes rivals in the Eurovision contest 2013. However in the end Denmark won convincingly.

The top 10 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 final in Malmö, Sweden:

  1. Denmark 281 points - Only Teardrops, Emmelie de Forest
  2. Azerbaijan 234 points - Hold Me, Farid Mammadov
  3. Ukraine 214 points - Gravity, Zlata Ognevich
  4. Norway 191 points - I Feed You My Love, Margaret Berger
  5. Russia 174 points - What If, Dina Garipova
  6. Greece 152 points - Alcohol Is Free, Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis
  7. Italy 126 points - L'Essenziale, Marco Mengoni
  8. Malta 120 points - Tomorrow, Gianluca
  9. The Netherlands 114 points - Birds, Anouk
  10. Hungary 84 points - Kedvesem, ByeAlex

A total of 39 countries competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Denmark received points from 37 of the other 38 voting countries and received the maximum 12 points from Macedonia, Iceland, France, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and United Kingdom. Each country's voting points were decided 50% by televoting and 50% by a national music expert jury.

Denmark hosts the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Winning the Eurovision Song Contest does also mean you have to host the contest the year after. Hereby Denmark has won the role of hosting the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. At the moment the main contenders for becoming the next host city of the Eurovision Song Contest are Copenhagen and Herning.

Massive international promotion of Denmark

Winning and hosting the Eurovision Song Contest brings Denmark a massive and almost priceless international promotion in the media. Hosting the show is a very costly affair. However most economists believe the positive economic effects of winning and hosting the event significantly exceeds the hosting costs.

We look forward to seeing you in Denmark for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest!

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Emmelie de Forest with the winner's trophy after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Only Teardrops".
Emmelie de Forest with the winner's trophy after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Only Teardrops". Photo: Albin Olsson

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