Export of Danish Welfare



Denmark is known for having one of the best welfare systems in the world. Increasingly Danish welfare technology and welfare systems are also exported to other countries.

The Welfare Tech organisation

The Welfare Tech is a Danish membership organisation within healthcare, homecare and social services. Members include private industry, public organisations, research and education institutions. Herby Welfare Tech connects the industry contributing to business growth also by promoting the Danish welfare model internationally.

International trade fairs and other export promotion

Welfare Tech and the companies and organisations within the welfare business are attending international trade fairs around the world. Danish health and medico companies promote their businesses jointly at international trade fairs and do other export promotions in order to increase their export.

Global challenges of aging populations

The need for good and well-functioning welfare systems are increasing around the world. Many countries have increasing aging populations with is a major change for the welfare systems. New modern welfare technology can help in providing better care for the elderly and sick. With an extensive welfare system and years of experience in this field Denmark is an obvious place to seek more information about welfare technology and programs.

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Updated: 6 September 2015


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