Danish Cleantech Enjoys Global Success



Denmark is a world leader in cleantech. Denmark is a leading nation in the development of environmentally friendly green energy solutions and ideas.

The world is studying Danish cleantech solutions

Danish cleantech ideas and solutions enjoys global admiration. Government representatives, professional corporate buyers, scientists, NGOs and others from all over the world come to Denmark to learn more about cleantech.

New green technology

When it comes to energy efficient solutions the Danes are in many areas a leading nation. Within wind turbine energy, solar energy, ocean waves energy and water treatment solutions Danish companies have developed ground breaking solutions. Danish researchers are also constantly seeking to develop new and even more efficient green technology solutions.

Before the oil wells run dry

The early recognition of the necessity to find new energy sources combined with the Danish geographical environment has created a perfect setting for the Danish cleantech development.

Danish Cleantech World Champions

A team of Danish scientist has recently won The Cleantech Open Global Ideas competition in Silicon Valley, USA. The competition is known as the unofficial Cleantech World Championships.

Green energy forever

No doubt the Danish Cleantech industry will continue the positive development and stay in front of the green energy race in years to come.

A windmill in the Danish countryside.
A windmill in the Danish countryside.

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