Record High Danish Organic Food Export


By:Henrik Kurzawa

According to official statistics Denmark has recorded the highest ever export of organic food products.

Export of Danish organics continues to rise

For the sixth year in a row the export of organics rises. According to official statistics from Statistics Denmark the the Danish organic food products export was over billion DKK in 2011. This is the highest ever export of organic food products ever recorded.

In 2011 the export of Danish organics rose by no less than 21%. Hereby the total organics export from Denmark has quadrupled in just 6 years.

Bright future for Danish exporters of organic food products 

According to Organic Denmark the export potential for Danish organics is enormous. Today the export of meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables amount to 75% of Danish organics export. However according to Organic Denmark processed organic food products have the largest export potential in the future. Therefore the future for Danish organic producers and exports looks bright.

Germany, Sweden and Holland are the largest importers of Danish organics 

80% of the exported Danish organic food products are exported to Germany, Sweden, France and the Benelux countries. Germany is by far the largest importer of organics from Denmark. However Swedish, Dutch and French companies do also import a fair amount of the exported Danish organics. In general Denmark mainly exports their organic food products to local European markets.

You can find more information regarding the Danish food  business and the export of organics food products here:

New export statistics: Export of Danish organics increased by 21 per cent in 2011

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Danish organic food products
Danish organic food products

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