Tourism in Denmark

    The coast near Vesteregn on the island of Langeland, Denmark.
    The coast near Vesteregn on the island of Langeland, Denmark.

    Denmark has a lot of unique tourist attractions to offer visitors. No matter if you are looking for a relaxing holiday by the sea, a city-break or an eventful vacation - Denmark is the place to visit.

    Welcome to Denmark

    When visiting Denmark you will experience the friendliness and the high service level of the Danes right away. At the airport, at the ferry terminal or any other place where you first enter Denmark you will be meet by people greeting you and providing you with information and guidance.

    Some of the first words you will hear when arriving in Denmark are: Welcome to Denmark have a pleasant stay.

    As a tourist you will receive a warm welcome by the Danes and experience good service everywhere.

    Planning your visit to Denmark and finding tourist information

    It's a good idea to plan your visit to Denmark in advance. Hereby you are sure not to miss some of the great attractions you will find in Denmark.

    VisitDenmark is the official tourist organisation in Denmark. On their website you will find information about tourist attractions in Denmark and other useful information when planning your vacation in Denmark.

    Reading travel guides or finding specific information is also a good way of planning your stay in Denmark. When you arrive in Denmark you will also be able to find free-of-charge tourist guides and maps in the arrival area. In Copenhagen the most popular guide is Copenhagen Tourist. You can e.g. find Copenhagen Tourist at Copenhagen Airport and in Copenhagen Visitor Centre situated in Copenhagen city centre.

    World class hotels and restaurants

    When visiting Denmark you will find hotels and restaurants of a high standard everywhere. For business travellers and other tourists looking for the highest standards you will be able to find excellent 5-star hotels and some of the world's finest restaurants in Denmark. No matter if you are looking for expensive, middle prised or inexpensive hotels and restaurants you will be able to find it all in Denmark.

    Most visitors will find Denmark a bit expensive, but it all depends on your planning and you wishes for your stay how expensive it will be. At the moment it is e.g. no problem to find cheep airline tickets if you search the internet.

    Amazing sceneries in Denmark

    Denmark consists of 406 Islands and the peninsula Jutland. No matter where you are in Denmark you will always be near the Sea. By the many fjords, beaches and on the small islands you will be able to experience amazing sceneries, beautiful sunrises, sunsets or other natural sceneries for you to enjoy. Taking a sailing trip, canoeing or rowing on the waters is very popular among tourists and a great way of experiencing the Danish nature.

    Unique tourist attractions in Denmark

    In Copenhagen you will find many unique tourist attractions e.g. Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Castle, The Opera and Nyhavn. In Billund on the peninsula of Jutland you will find the amazing LEGOLAND with an amusement park all build in LEGO.

    Here on you can find more information about tourist attractions in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Bornholm and other interesting places in Denmark. Please follow the links on the right hand side for more information. Enjoy your visit to Denmark!

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