Visiting Aarhus, Aalborg and Jutland

LEGOLAND in Billund where everything is made of LEGO.
LEGOLAND in Billund where everything is made of LEGO.

Denmark's second largest city Aarhus has a lot of exiting tourist attractions to offer visitors. In Jutland you will other interesting sights and things to visit e.g. Denmark's 3rd largest city Aalborg, LEGOLAND in Billund and Skagen on the northern tip of Denmark.

Things you should see when visiting Aarhus

No matter if you visit Aarhus as a tourist or a business traveller there are certain things you should see. Here is a list of the main tourist attractions you will find in and around Aarhus:

  • The Old Town - The Old Town is called Den Gamle By in Danish. The Old Town is an open-air museum with 75 historical buildings and actors portraying the life in the 1800s and until the mid-1970s. You can even visit some of the houses and taste food made from old recipes. The Old Town gives you a unique and interesting view of Denmark's urban history and culture. 
  • Moesgård Museum - You will find Moesgård Museum in the Manor House of Moesgård situated in the woods outside of Aarhus. At Moesgård Museum you will find archaeological and ethnographic collections from Denmark's Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The museum is mostly renowned for the exhibition of the Grauballe Man - a two thousand year old bog body. 
  • Tivoli Friheden - Tivoli Friheden is an amusement park. It is a very popular tourist attraction especially for families with kids. Everybody can enjoy the joyrides, entertainment shows, concerts and fine dinning restaurants you will find at Tivoli Friheden.
  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum - ARoS is an art museum offering many great exhibitions and cultural events. However the sheer architectural beauty of the cube-shaped ARoS building with its spiral staircase inside is worth a visit by itself.
  • Marselisborg Palace - Marselisborg Palace is the summer resident of the Danish Royal Family. You can admire the beautiful palace from outside and enjoy the peaceful surroundings in Marselisborg Park. The palace grounds are open when the Royal Family is not present.  When the Royal Family is present at Marselisborg you can instead see the changing of the guard at noon. 
  • The Aarhus City Hall - The Aarhus City Hall was build by the world famous Danish designers and architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller, Today the building is still modern and functional even though it is 50 years old. The tower of Aarhus City Hall with its big clock has become a landmark for the city of Aarhus.
  • The Aarhus Å river - The Aarhus Å river district is also known as Vadestedet. Here you will find a vibrant and lively environment of people enjoying the open-air restaurants and bars along the river side in the summertime.

You can find many other interesting tings to see and do while visiting Aarhus. You can e.g. see the Aarhus Cathedral, the Viking Museum and enjoy skating at the outdoor ice rink by the Music Hall in the wintertime.

Things you should see when visiting Aalborg

While visiting Aalborg there are certain things you should see and visit. If you visit Aalborg as a tourist, are in Aalborg on business or attend a trade fair you should take time to enjoy the city. Here are some of the interesting things Aalborg has to offer visitors:  

  • Jomfru Ane Gade - Jomfru Ane Gade is Denmark's longest street with restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and discos. In the daytime and in the evenings Jomfru Ane Gade is a cosy place where you can enjoy a good dinner and a cool beer. At night it is mainly a loud place where young people enjoy themselves.
  • Utzon Centre - The Utzon Centre is situated at the Aalborg waterfront. The world famous Danish architect of the Sydney Opera House Jørn Utzon has designed the Utzon Centre. A series of amazing pavilions constitutes the Utzon Centre which houses the Institute for Architecture and Design,
  • Aalborg Zoo - Aalborg Zoo would be like most other zoos in the world if it was not for a newborn polar bear baby.  The polar beer cub is extremely cute and has already become a huge hit on the internet. Here people around the world can follow the little fellows every move though a webcam. However nothing beats seeing the polar bear cub live at Aalborg Zoo.
  • Jens Bang's Stenhus - Jens Bang's Stenhus is a beautiful renaissance building from 1624 in the centre of Aalborg. The house was build by the wealthy merchant Jens Bang. For over 300 years Aalborg's oldest pharmacy has been found in Jens Bang's Stenhus.
  • Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg - Kunsten's museum building is an architectural masterpiece in itself. The museum is constructed in a way which brings natural light into the building. With a flexible mobile partition wall system the Kunsten's halls can also change form in order to suit the requirement of different modern art exhibitions.

You can also choose to visit Aalborg Maritime Museum, visit Lindholm Høje which is an ancient burial site or take a trip to Sønderhøj to see the The Long Barrow and other neolithic stones.

Things to see and places to go in Jutland

Outside of Aarhus and Aalborg Jutland has a lot of other interesting tourist attractions to offer. Here you will find a list of some of the most popular tourist attractions in Jutland: 

  • LEGOLAND - LEGOLAND in Billund is world renowned and one of Denmark's main tourist attractions. LEGOLAND is an amusement park made of LEGO. The joyrides and the world in miniature are both made of LEGO bricks. At LEGOLAND kids can also get their first ever drivers license in electrical LEGO cars. Do not miss LEGOLAND - you and your kids will love it. 
  • Skagen - Skagen on the northern tip of Jutland is renowned for attracting the rich and famous and everyone else. Grenen is the place where the seas of Kattegat and Skagerrak meet. This is a unique site to visit. Outside of Skagen at Råbjerg you can view another amazing natural phenomenon known as the Råbjerg Mile which is a migrating dune. 
  • Djurs Sommerland - Djurs Sommerland is a very popular amusement park where you will find 60 different joyrides including the largest and fastest rollercoaster in Denmark. Djurs Sommerland is situated in Djursland which is a peninsula near Aarhus. The old town of Ebeltoft in Djursland with its half-timbered houses is also an attractive tourist site.
  • Ribe Cathedral - Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domekirke) was built in 1250. The Church of Our Lady as Ribe Cathedral is also called is the only five-aisled cathedral in Denmark. The cathedral is especially known for the 52 meter high Commoners' Tower, which can be visited. The Tower offers a great view of the surrounding landscape.  
  • Silkeborg lakes - The areas around the Silkeborg lakes are consider to be some of the most beautiful nature sights in Denmark. The lakes and the Gudenå River in Silkeborg are the perfect place to have an active holiday. Here you can sail or take a canoe trip around the areas.

Many other interesting places and cities are worth visiting in Jutland. Jutland is the perfect place to having an active, but yet relaxing holiday by the sea, playing golf, sailing or canoeing.

Hotels and accommodation in Aarhus, Aalborg and other places in Jutland  

In Aarhus, Aalborg and in the rest of Jutland you will find good hotels and nice hostels everywhere.

The best 4 star hotels in and around Aarhus are: Hotel Royal, Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Aarhus, Helnan Marselis Hotel, Montra Odder Parkhotel and Montra Hotel Sabro Kro.

In Aalborg you will find the following 4 star hotels: Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel, Helnan Phønix Hotel, First Hotel Europa and Hotel Hvide Hus.

Around in Jutland you will find many cosy hotels in the countryside and by the sea. In the beach areas you will find many luxury houses and other summer houses for rental.  

Restaurants and dinning in Aarhus, Aalborg and other places in Jutland  

All according to your dinning wishes you are able to find everything from excellent gourmet restaurants, good cafe restaurants, fast-food restaurants and other places to eat all around Jutland. 

In and around Aarhus you can find the following top gourmet restaurants: Frederikshøj, Restaurant Koch, Malling & Schmidt and Molskroen in Ebeltoft.

In Aalborg you will find SanGiovanni, Restaurant Fyrtøjet and other great restaurants.

Shopping in Aarhus, Aalborg and other places in Jutland 

In Aarhus and Aalborg you will find the Salling department stores. All around Jutland and in the larger and smaller cities you will mainly find smaller shops.

Around Aarhus you will find shopping centres and shopping malls like Bruun's Galleri, City Vest, Storcenter Nord and Bazar Vest in Brabrand. In Aalborg you will find Aalborg Storcenter.  

Come and visit Aarhus, Aalborg and Jutland 

You will find excellent motorways and roads in Jutland making it easy to reach you destination by car. You will also find international airports in Billund, Aarhus and Aalborg. 

You are welcome to visit us in Jutland and enjoy the sights and meet the friendly people.

  • Aalborg Airport
  • Aalborg Storcenter
  • Aalborg Zoo
  • Aarhus Airport
  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
  • Bazar Vest
  • Billund Airport
  • Bruun's Galleri
  • City Vest
  • Djurs Sommerland
  • First Hotel Europa
  • Frederikshøj
  • Helnan Phønix Hotel
  • Helnan Marselis Hotel
  • Hotel Royal
  • Hotel Hvide Hus
  • Kunten - Museum of Mordern Art Aalborg
  • Malling & Schmidt
  • Marselisborg Palace
  • Moesgård Museum
  • Molskroen
  • Montra Hotel Sabro Kro
  • Montra Odder Parkhotel
  • Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Aarhus
  • Restaurant Koch
  • Restaurant Fyrtøjet
  • SanGiovanni
  • Storcenter Nord
  • The Old Town
  • Tivoli Friheden
  • Utzon Centre
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