Visiting Bornholm and other Danish Islands

The ruins of Hammershus Castle on the island of Bornholm.
The ruins of Hammershus Castle on the island of Bornholm.

Bornholm is known as the sunshine island. The unique position in the middle of the Baltic Sea not near to any coast gives the island a special sunlight and a lot of sunshine hours.

Thing you should see and do when visiting Bornholm

When you come to Bornholm you should relax and enjoy the natural surrounding. It you visit Bornholm in the summertime you can enjoy good beaches and the special Bornholm sunlight. By the sea and in the countryside you can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Bornholm is the perfect place for a cycling trip. You can rent bikes everywhere and you can go around the island on special cycling tracks. Cycling around the Bornholm is by far the best way to experience the island. Some of the main tourist attractions you should visit while on Bornholm include:  

  • Hammershus castle ruin - Hammershus Castle was built in the 1200s, but has been abandoned for centuries. Today Hammershus is a ruin, but you can still experience and image the greatness of the old building. Hammershus is situated on a cliff top and can be seen from the seaside too. By taking a boat trip you will also experience the nearby Hammerknuden along the rocky coast at the foot of Hammershus.
  • Almindingen - Almindingen is the 5th largest forest in Denmark. Here you can enjoy a horse carriage tour around the beautiful woods. You can of course also enjoy the forest sceneries on you bicycle trip around Bornholm.
  • Dueodde beach - Dueodde beach is the largest sand beach on the island. Dueodde is the perfect place to have a beach holiday in the summertime. Summers on Bornholm are normally warm with a lot of sunshine hours. A cold breeze from the Baltic Sea means you will never find the conditions to warm.
  • Ertholmene and Christiansø - East of Bornholm you will the tiny Ertholmene islands. Christansø is the largest of the small islands and it is definitly worth a visit. You can go to Christansø on a boat trip. Here you will find a fortress built in 1684. There are no roads and no cars on the island so you have to walk to get around.  
  • Hasle smokehouses - In Hasle you will find different smokehouses. When you come to Bornholm you should taste the local speciality which is smoked herring. In Hasle you can both taste the smoked fish and visit a smokehouse museum. 
  • Rønne - Rønne is the main city on Bornholm. Here you will find the largest harbour on the island where passage ferries, commercial vessels and private boats arrive. In Rønne you will also find an old and cosy city center. Rønne offers some of the best shopping and dinning opportunities on the island.

Bornholm has a lot of other interesting thing to visit and see. Bornholm is a favourite summer destination for the Danes themselves.

Things to see on the smaller islands of Denmark

Denmark has a total of 406 islands. Many of the islands are small and uninhabited. However you will also find islands where people live and enjoy life away from the large cities. On these islands tourism often plays a large role.

When the weather in Denmark gets warm in the summer months of June, July and August many tourist come to the Danish islands. Here you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the beaches, the summer weather and experience the friendliness of the locals.

South of Copenhagen and Zealand the islands of Møn, Lolland and Falster can be found. South of Funen you will find Tåsinge, Langeland and Als. East of Jutland in Kattegat you will find Læsø, Anholt and Samsø. West of Jutland you will find Fanø, Mandø and Rømø near the boarder to Germany. All of the mentioned islands are popular tourist sites. Here you can enjoy a family beach holiday and enjoy the local attractions.

On the smaller islands of Denmark you will find a number of unique tourist attraction. Here are some of the attractions you should visit if you have the opportunity:  

  • The Cliffs of Møn - You will find the Cliffs of Møn on the island of Møn which is situated between the islands of Zealand and Falster. The Cliffs of Møn are created by white chalk which has formed the steep cliffs. To enjoy the best view of the amazing cliffs from the seaside you should take a boat trip. You can also visit the GeoCenter to learn more about the Cliffs of Møn know in Danish as Møns Klint.
  • Lalandia - In Rødby on Lolland as well as in Billund in Jutland you can find Lalandia water parks. These large water lands attract many families with children all year round. The kids love playing around in the water. You will find bowling, mini golf and other attractions as well in the Lalandia centres.
  • Langeland - At the island of Langeland you can e.g. enjoy horse riding and a beautiful situated golf course.
  • Læsø Saltsyderi - On the island of Læsø you can experience the process of salt production at Læsø Saltsyderi. Guided tours of the premises are provided.
  • Wadden Sea National Park - The Wadden Sea National Park is situated in the sea near Fanø, Mandø and Rømø by the west coast of Jutland near Esbjerg and Ribe. You you will find a rich animal life with seals and birds. The special thing about the Wadden Sea Nationalpark is experiencing the tide which floods the land. The best way of experiencing this is by taking the Mandøbussen excursion bus tour.  

On the small islands of Denmark you can enjoy many other local attractions.

Hotels and accommodation on Bornholm and other smaller islands in Denmark 

On Bornholm and on the other smaller Danish islands you can rent holiday cottages, find smaller hotels and inns and well as camping sites. When visiting Bornholm or one of the other tourist islands of Denmark the most important thing is to be close to nature. Therefore most tourist accommodations on the islands are near the water.

Restaurants and dinning on Bornholm and other smaller islands in Denmark

All around Denmark you will find many excellent and cosy bistros and inns offering good meals at reasonable prices. Bornholm and the other smaller Danish islands are no exception. When visiting a Danish island it is important to taste the local food. 

Shopping on Bornholm and other smaller islands in Denmark

You will not find big shopping centres on Bornholm and on the other smaller islands in Denmark. However you will find many cosy and different local shops with good personal service.

On Bornholm you will find shops offering local art effects or glass and pottery. In the countryside and on the Danish islands you will find many local farm shops offering excellent organic food.

Come and visit Bornholm and Denmark's other beautiful islands

You can come to Bornholm by plane, but most visitors come to the island by boat. You can take the passenger ferries from Ystad in Sweden, Køge in Denmark or in the summertime from Sassnitz in Germany.

You are more than welcome to visit the sunshine island of Bornholm and Denmark's other beautiful islands.

  • Almindingen
  • Danske Færger
  • Dueodde Beach
  • Ertholmene and Christiansø
  • GeoCenter Møn
  • Hammershus Castle
  • Hasle Smokehouses
  • Rønne
  • Rønne Habour
  • Lalandia
  • Langeland
  • Læsø Saltsyderi
  • The Wadden Sea National Park
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