Visiting Odense and Funen

The Hans Christian Andersen Parade is taking place in Lotzes Have in Odense. Here you can also see a show where different Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales are being preformed.
The Hans Christian Andersen Parade is taking place in Lotzes Have in Odense. Here you can also see a show where different Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales are being preformed.

Odense is the main city on the Island of Funen in central Denmark. Odense is the home town of the famous Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. You will find many attractions related to the author and other interesting tourist attractions in Odense and on Funen.

Thing you should see when visiting Odense

Odense is a very pretty city with a cosy atmosphere. When visiting Odense as a tourist there are a lot of interesting thing you should see:

  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum - At the home of the famous Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen you will find the Andersen Museum. Here you can learn more about the writer and his trilling fairytales. Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales are known by children and adults around the world.
  • The Hans Christian Andersen Parade - In Lotzes Have in Odense you can see the 20 Fairytales in 20 Minutes show as well as the Hans Christian Andersen Parade. The popular show has also been performed in USA, China and many places in Denmark. The Hans Christian Andersen show is performed in Danish, English and Germany.
  • Saint Knuds Cathedral - Odense Cathedral is called Saint Knuds named after the King Canute the Holy. The Gothic cathedral was built in the 1300s and is consider being the finest Gothic building in Denmark. Saint Knuds Cathedral is also known for its magnificent altarpiece.
  • Kunsthallen Brandts - You will find the Brandts art hall at the old textile mill. Here you can enjoy large galleries and changing exhibitions showing art work from both Danish and foreign artists.
  • The Funen Village - The Funen Village is an open-air museum where a complete village environment from the 1850s has been recreated. The buildings are half-timbered and you will find shows with farm animals showing the traditional agricultural methods.
  • The Fjord Boat Svanen - From Odense Harbour you can take a boat trip with the Fjord Boat Svanen. The boat sails a tour to different scenic locations in Odense Fjord. On the boat you can enjoy the sights, the sun and have something to eat and drink.

You will find many other attractions worth visiting while in Odense. Visit Odense and you will see for yourself.

Things to see on Funen

Funen is a beautiful island in central Denmark. Funen is connected to Jutland by the Lillebæltsbro a bridge over Lillebælt strait. On the eastside Funen is connected to Zealand by an impressive bridge and tunnel connection called the Great Belt Fixed Link. Driving over the Great Belt Bridge by car or experiencing the bridge and tunnel ride by train is an attraction by itself.

Outside of Odense you will find the following interesting attractions on Funen:

  • Egeskov Castle - Egeskov Castle is the most popular tourist attraction on the island of Funen. The castle from 1554 is an impressive building with a renaissance garden and a fountain.  Egeskov Castle is situated in the idyllic landscape near Kværndrup. The castle is privately owned, but guided tours of the castle are provided.
  • Nyborg - From the seaside by Nyborg you have a fantastic view of the impressive Great Belt Bridge. From the Nyborg seaside you can enjoy the view of all boats and ships sailing under the Great Belt Bridge. Then in Nyborg you can also visit churches, prehistoric monuments or visit the small island of Sprogø in the middle of the Great Belt strait.
  • Svendborg - Svendborg and the south of Funen offers beautiful natural sceneries and maritime charm. Svendborg is a very popular summer destination. In Svendborg you can go tracking on scenic walking routes, enjoy bike cycles rides, relax by the sea or enjoy the many good cafés and restaurants in town.

Funen is waiting for you to visit. You will surely enjoy your stay here.

Hotels and accommodation in Odense and other places on Funen  

You can find everything from expensive to non-expensive accommodation on Funen. If you are looking for luxury you will find the following 4 star hotels in and around Odense: First Hotel Grand, Ledernes Konference Center, Best Western Knudsens Gaard, Radisson Blue H.C. Andersen Hotel and Clarion Collection Hotel Plaza.

Many other good hotels can be found in Odense. Outside of Odense on the island of Funen you will find hotels in the larger cities and cosy Bed and Breakfast Inns around the countryside.

Restaurants and dinning in Odense and other places on Funen 

In Odense you will find many good restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy a good dinner or quick meal. Some of the best and most expensive restaurants in Odense include Restaurant Den Gamle Kro, Restaurant Knudsens Gaard, Restaurant Kvægtorvet and Restaurant Under Lindetræet.

On Funen you will find good restaurants, cafés, bistros and inns in the cities and around the countryside. Denmark is known for having very good bistros and inns around the countryside. Here you can enjoy good dinning in cosy surroundings and have a good nights sleep. On Funen you will find many cosy bistros and inns.

Shopping in Odense and other places on Funen 

In Odense you will find the Magasin department store and many other nice shops and stores. Rosengårdscentret in Odense is one of the largest shopping centres in Denmark with 150 shops. Bazar Fyn in Odense is also a shopping centre, but here you will also find a lot of specialised food stores.

All around Funen you will find smaller shops and smaller shopping malls. For tourists shops with local art work and pottery as well as small farm shops selling organic food products are interesting to visit on Funen. 

Come and visit Odense and Funen

Odense is situated in the heart of Denmark. From anywhere in Denmark you can reach Odense and Funen within a few hours. The easiest way to reach Odense and the rest of Funen is by car or train. You will find very good motorways, roads and train connections to Odense.

Odense does also have an airport with national and some international connections. When travelling to Odense or Funen from abroad you can go by car or travel by plain to Billund Airport in Jutland.

The beautiful and interesting sights of Odense and Funen are awaiting you.

  • Bazar Fyn
  • Best Western Knudsens Gaard
  • Billund Airport
  • Brandts Art Hall
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Plaza
  • Egeskov Castle
  • First Hotel Grand
  • H.C. Andersen Museum
  • Ledernes Konference Center
  • Magasin
  • Radisson Blue H.C. Andersen Hotel
  • Restaurant Den Gamle Kro
  • Restaurant Knudsens Gaard
  • Restaurant Kvægtorvet
  • Restaurant Under Lindetræet
  • Rosengårdscentret
  • Saint Knuds Cathedral
  • Storebælt
  • The Fjord Boat Svanen
  • The Funen Village
  • The Hans Christian Andersen Parade
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